Bad things happen

Ok, this time I will be personal. Before getting back into the archviz business I spent a few years with volunteering in various projects. Although I managed some projects during this time (Skype rocks), but I focused mainly on some ‘testing’, related to the improving of the life quality of small communities. With the help of the friends of mine we were able to start some reward programs for talented students in Europe and so on. I spent the last part of this period in Africa, working on a ‘green’ and sustainable housing project (almost European quality level of living environments for cents).
I asked for the help of the leaders of the nearby NGOs, asking for an empty plot (they had a lot unused ground), resources for building some prototypes, etc.

The bad thing is not the fact that they said no.
The bad thing is that the reason of the ‘no’ was related to one member of the management of the NGO I worked for, who made some ‘bad’ marketing for this project.
And a few days ago I got the info that this guy stole money from the NGO we worked for and escaped from the country.
My instinct worked.
Never trust anyone who handles the property of an NGO as his own property (our first conflict was related to this attitude of him).

It also made me think again about priorities.
I’m running this blog, I’m good at my profession, but this ‘living environment’ project could change the life of millions in the Sub-Saharan region.
These things should work together. They could work together.
I just have to find the way.


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