1 months in Blender – experiences

It is approximately 4-5 weeks since I started to use Blender on daily base. I started with VSE, for now I’m able to build almost any archviz scene I had to build formerly in my life.
This is a great news, I was faster then I expected.

But at the moment I think I will need another 11 months to do everything efficiently in Blender and with a comparable speed and precision i got used to in Max.
The good news is that after finishing some new posts (I have so many posts in my mind) I will show a complete work-flow for Max emigrants.
Because of the fact that I’m a beginner in Blender, I would appreciate any critics on my Blender tips from Blender pros.


Misconceptions in Blender vs something else debates – 03.

03. Blender is Blender… … and it was not intended to be X, Y or Z app

Another typical argument when someone misses a ‘basic/useful’ feature what was implemented in most of the other apps and suggests to build it into Blender.
It is not just a wonderful example for circular reasoning, but also a nice demonstration of being emotional on a ‘thing’ (or with a more common expression: reacting as a ‘fanboy’).

The problem with this argument and the related attitude is that it completely denies the implementing of some really useful features into Blender.
If ‘Blender is Blender’ (doesn’t need to be compared to other apps), then Blender is perfect, because it is Blender.

The wonderful news in this case that even the already existing features could be removed for future releases.
It is enough to offer a simple icon, what starts the program with one simple feature: printing onto the screen: Blender rules.
It wouldn’t require any hard development work and  would also make Blender to run more stable.
Isn’t it an awesome idea?

Misconceptions in Blender vs something else debates – 02.

02. Blender is for hobbyists and it is not a quality app…

One of the typical arguments against Blender in flame wars that Blender is for hobbyists and cannot offer professional quality.
Although technically it is true that Blender users are usually hobbyists, but it doesn’t mean that Blender is not capable to deliver professional results.
Blender definitely could deliver premium quality results, just check the tutorials of Andrew Price at BlenderGuru.

The features of a tool are very important for a professional.
But being professional – in general – means to have the ability to choose the proper tool for a task and instead of prejudice having the skill to be objective in app preferences.
Blender as a complementary tool could be really useful for almost everybody.
And – as an example –  for a freelancer archviz professional or for an indie game developer who doesn’t have to compete in all factors (quality, speed, price)  it could be the ultimate professional tool – for free.

Let’s count! Misconceptions in Blender vs something else debates – 01.

As I read forums, I cannot avoid to read flame wars; this why I made this blog moderated on the comments section. I also used to read misconceptions, especially related to the FREE vs commercial topics.
Because of the fact I mostly read about Blender nowadays, I would like to deal with Blender-related misconceptions.

01. Blender is free, so you save money with using it

It sounds quite logical and I have no doubt that it is logical in some cases.

But being a sarcastic person I have to say:

1. I’m sure that the people who use this argument, go everywhere by foot (because it is cheaper than having a car or using mass transportation).

2. I’m also sure they never eat in restaurants, drink a beer, buy a camera and so on, because they can save money with it. They can cook at home, drink water, use their brain for memories.

3. Furthermore if they wanted to break into the market  of  DHL and UPS, they would force their employees to make the deliveries by foot, too (and it is not just cheaper than investing into trucks, but also more environment friendly).
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A recommended RAW converter – RawTherapee

For this post  about noise removing (Reducing render times in Cycles – Noise filtering) I used the trial version of NeatImage.

Now I would like to recommend you a free app, called RawTherapee, which is primarly developed for photographers to enhance their photos, but could do the noise filtering for rendered images, too (of course).
As a photographer I have to say that it is quite OK, even compared to commercial apps.

Normal map creation from diffuse textures

There are several occasions when we need a tool/process to create normal map textures.
We can do that in various ways.

1. We can make normal maps from high-poly meshes to give additional detail to a low-poly mesh (commonly used for game characters and objects to achieve better performance with the ‘same’ visual quality). This method is called ‘Normal Map Baking’.

2. We would like to create a normal map for general purposes without exact and object specific  UV mapping  information – texturing walls, ground, rocks, trees, etc.
In this case ‘baking’ could be time consuming and – in general – simple not required for our goals.
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