What I don’t like…

is the fanboy attitude. I read forums, related to Andrew Price’s GUI proposal and I have to face too many times with human stupidity and fanboy attitude. Andrew put tons of efforts to his proposal and some of the users doesn’t even give a minimal respect for it. That is a shame. I use Blender for a year now, technically I would be able not to use 3ds Max anymore (not considering the much slower workflow for archviz). For custom modeling I use Blender all the time, except of some rare areas. I see Blender weaknesses – even more than I saw them from the beginning. Not mentioning the problematic things under the hood, the GUI is not good at all. It has noticeable, very smart features, but it is incredible far from being user-friendly and efficient (same for Max, no question). Andrew came up with some good ideas (although I don’t agree with all of them).

PS : I know this proposal is quite old, but I had no time for it.:)


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