I had to spend the last few weeks with 3D Max.
It was interesting after having so much time in Blender; I had to get used to the different, less hot-key oriented work-flow. It was easy, because I was able to use my personalized GUI with all the necessary stuff I needed.

Today I came back to Blender and I realized that 2.68 is out; I downloaded and installed it.
It was really cool that I had the opportunity to switch to my previous settings (GUI, hot-keys) immediately; very well done, developers!

On the other hand I had to realize that I forgot at least half of the hot-keys during the last month, what makes me sad and proves the rightness of my formerly guessed suggestions.


1 month self-exam – What did I learn until now II.

OK, so let’s see my experiences.

First of all about the model:

I didn’t have any ‘real’ plans without copyright, so I ‘designed’ the corridor, but I’m not an architect (so – of course – I will not count the design mistakes I made and my laziness like to draw legs for the sofa:).
I didn’t want to reuse any materials, objects, plants, so everything was made in Blender from zero.
I wanted to use Cycles for lighting, but I made a Vray version, too (not from the final model), just to test rendering speed.
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Prologue to ‘The Big Issues’ – What we are doing wrong (Part I.)

For example this survey, at least partially.
And – just because I like irony-  my opinion is mostly based on this survey.
It shows significant matches to the mistakes of the development of Blender: a wonderful conception with unclear goals, not proper questions and sometimes the ‘result’ is not explained correctly.
I know, I’m evil again.
Well, someone has to be.

I suggest to read it, if you didn’t do that yet.
Then think about it: what was wrong with it?

Then read this post below plus the others. They are coming soon.

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Let’s count! Misconceptions in Blender vs something else debates – 01.

As I read forums, I cannot avoid to read flame wars; this why I made this blog moderated on the comments section. I also used to read misconceptions, especially related to the FREE vs commercial topics.
Because of the fact I mostly read about Blender nowadays, I would like to deal with Blender-related misconceptions.

01. Blender is free, so you save money with using it

It sounds quite logical and I have no doubt that it is logical in some cases.

But being a sarcastic person I have to say:

1. I’m sure that the people who use this argument, go everywhere by foot (because it is cheaper than having a car or using mass transportation).

2. I’m also sure they never eat in restaurants, drink a beer, buy a camera and so on, because they can save money with it. They can cook at home, drink water, use their brain for memories.

3. Furthermore if they wanted to break into the market  of  DHL and UPS, they would force their employees to make the deliveries by foot, too (and it is not just cheaper than investing into trucks, but also more environment friendly).
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Feeling of success…

Dear Blenderheads and possible Max-emigrants:))),

I have a great news.
With some tricks I guessed the most efficient wall-modeling work-flow for Blender. It is not Max level, but efficient like hell.
If I can get someone to help me with some scripts, together with this it will do the trick almost perfectly.
I will present it soon.


I have to say I far more enjoy this kind of challenges than making visualisations of boring buildings.
Unfortunately I cannot buy food from this.

10 things you will like in Blender – 6/10.

Cycles rendering engine

No question.
Although it is not finished yet, it is a quite capable rendering engine, similar to Vray RT, Octane, etc.
It speeds up texturing and lighting with real time GPU rendering, it is physically correct, adaptable.
Has both node-based and ‘classic’ material editor…
Could run both on GPU and CPU (in case of emergency when your scene cannot fit into the memory of your GPU;).

10 reasons why NOT to use Blender for paid architectural visualisation – 6/10.

Speed issues

Dear Visitor!
Before starting a debate, first read this and this.

Let me to be more specific:

1. Slow GUI in general
Blender uses OpenGL for the GUI. It results good things and bad things.
The good: it has the same GUI on all platforms.
The bad and more important: the responsiveness of the GUI depends on your GPU.
What does it mean in practice?
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