Blender Internal + modeling test

Maybe it seems that I’m too critical with everything, but I just like to make things better. I was critical to the Blender internal renderer earlier and I still believe that it is slow and outdated, but the picture below was just a test render while I was learning the modeling tools, primarly focused on working with real sizes and numeric input.
And I have to say that I like it. I made in the summer, so I will upload some new stuff soon (I love organic modeling in Blender, so I started to make tons of vegetables and fruits).

Learning Blender - Blender internal


Cycles vs Vray in Blender

Just a small test, do not take it too serious…
I didn’t pay too much attention on colors; the VRay render was over saturated, the Cycles ones needed additional saturation.
Unfortunately I was not able to test VRay on a ‘real usage’ resolution (it was a Maya demo).
If you are interested, visit this site!


Reducing render times in Cycles – Noise filtering

I just made a small comparison of rendered images in Cycles with different sample values, then I used NeatImage Standalone demo to remove noise with different settings (you can recognize that I used stronger reduction on the 300 samples image, so details are more ‘washed out’).
Although worrying too much about ‘noise’ is mostly typical for the ‘tech-maniac type’  CGI or photography guys, I think it could show the power of noise-filtering as a post-processing step and it could be useful for everybody.
It doesn’t just saves time; it also saves electricity (it has effects on your budget and on the environment both).


– download the images and compare them in 1:1 ratio (on the native resolution of your screen)
– I didn’t used any filtering on the 500 sample render; I used it as a reference
– removing the noise in NeatImage required about 15-20 sec per image (could be batched).



Filtered with NeatImage

Filtered with NeatImage

Another test scene

Draft for a scene


Actually it is a draft for an idea and also some test for Suicidator City Generator, Blender’s built-in tree modeler and ‘Array’ modifier.
I sent this image as a draft to some friends of mine, but some of them identified it as just a typical graveyard.
It means 2 things:

1. People don’t like metaphors:)
2. And I have to recompose the final version of the picture to make it more obvious.

I used Blender for everything. Rendered with Cycles.

My first result after 1.5 week in Blender

The 'FIRST CONTACT' memorial park in the future (hopefully)...

The ‘FIRST CONTACT’ memorial park in the future (hopefully)…

Originally this scene was not planned to ‘be a scene’; I just wanted to check how useful could be the ‘sculpting’ feature of Blender. I wanted to make some kind of amoeba-like organism, which – as you see – completely succeeded.
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