Let’s count! Misconceptions in Blender vs something else debates – 01.

As I read forums, I cannot avoid to read flame wars; this why I made this blog moderated on the comments section. I also used to read misconceptions, especially related to the FREE vs commercial topics.
Because of the fact I mostly read about Blender nowadays, I would like to deal with Blender-related misconceptions.

01. Blender is free, so you save money with using it

It sounds quite logical and I have no doubt that it is logical in some cases.

But being a sarcastic person I have to say:

1. I’m sure that the people who use this argument, go everywhere by foot (because it is cheaper than having a car or using mass transportation).

2. I’m also sure they never eat in restaurants, drink a beer, buy a camera and so on, because they can save money with it. They can cook at home, drink water, use their brain for memories.

3. Furthermore if they wanted to break into the market  of  DHL and UPS, they would force their employees to make the deliveries by foot, too (and it is not just cheaper than investing into trucks, but also more environment friendly).
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Never think in a single tool, think in a work-flow

Ok, you maybe noticed that I use too much the word ‘efficient’.

What tool is efficient?

The one what does the job within your and your client’s specifications the most effectively.

And here we go again: which car is better?

A Porsche or a Hummer?
On the asphalt or in the desert?
Should we count in the price of the fuel?
And the insurance and taxes?
The survival rate in case of an accident?
And so on…
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