I had to spend the last few weeks with 3D Max.
It was interesting after having so much time in Blender; I had to get used to the different, less hot-key oriented work-flow. It was easy, because I was able to use my personalized GUI with all the necessary stuff I needed.

Today I came back to Blender and I realized that 2.68 is out; I downloaded and installed it.
It was really cool that I had the opportunity to switch to my previous settings (GUI, hot-keys) immediately; very well done, developers!

On the other hand I had to realize that I forgot at least half of the hot-keys during the last month, what makes me sad and proves the rightness of my formerly guessed suggestions.


2 in 1: Particle tree in Blender + NeatVideo noise removal test

Some month ago I played with particle-based trees in Max and Unity for a more identical output result (using different vegetation for classic renders and real-time engines is not so ‘nice’).
At the end I went with another method, but it was interesting, so I decided to give a try for particle trees in Blender.
As you see, it is possible.

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Cycles vs Vray in Blender

Just a small test, do not take it too serious…
I didn’t pay too much attention on colors; the VRay render was over saturated, the Cycles ones needed additional saturation.
Unfortunately I was not able to test VRay on a ‘real usage’ resolution (it was a Maya demo).
If you are interested, visit this site!


1 month self-exam – What did I learn until now II.

OK, so let’s see my experiences.

First of all about the model:

I didn’t have any ‘real’ plans without copyright, so I ‘designed’ the corridor, but I’m not an architect (so – of course – I will not count the design mistakes I made and my laziness like to draw legs for the sofa:).
I didn’t want to reuse any materials, objects, plants, so everything was made in Blender from zero.
I wanted to use Cycles for lighting, but I made a Vray version, too (not from the final model), just to test rendering speed.
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1 month self-exam – What did I learn until now

Yesterday I made a test, how far I got with Blender.
I have ambivalent feelings; I got stuck sometimes with already ‘learned’ and ‘tested’ processes.
Today I just put the result here, tomorrow (hopefully) I will write the whole story.
It was very useful to me and it will be very useful – after I identify the solutions – for Max-emigrants.
Rendered in Cycles (22 minutes on a GeForce 525M  UPDATED picture with people: 39 minutes on a core i7 CPU).


Prologue to ‘The Big Issues’ – What we are doing wrong (Part I.)

For example this survey, at least partially.
And – just because I like irony-  my opinion is mostly based on this survey.
It shows significant matches to the mistakes of the development of Blender: a wonderful conception with unclear goals, not proper questions and sometimes the ‘result’ is not explained correctly.
I know, I’m evil again.
Well, someone has to be.

I suggest to read it, if you didn’t do that yet.
Then think about it: what was wrong with it?

Then read this post below plus the others. They are coming soon.

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1 months in Blender – experiences

It is approximately 4-5 weeks since I started to use Blender on daily base. I started with VSE, for now I’m able to build almost any archviz scene I had to build formerly in my life.
This is a great news, I was faster then I expected.

But at the moment I think I will need another 11 months to do everything efficiently in Blender and with a comparable speed and precision i got used to in Max.
The good news is that after finishing some new posts (I have so many posts in my mind) I will show a complete work-flow for Max emigrants.
Because of the fact that I’m a beginner in Blender, I would appreciate any critics on my Blender tips from Blender pros.