How to make tutorials for others – 7 useful tips

I used to watch tutorials a lot to learn, so I thought it is time to help everyone with some tips how to increase the amount of garbage on the internet.

So here you find the basic tips to do so:

1. Save bandwidth, never use bigger resolution than 360p. Anyone who cannot identify  that 2 pixel sized stuff at the the top left corner as an icon does not deserve your knowledge.

2. Don’t say a word. People don’t want to hear what you are doing. They have eyes, you know.
But if you want to entertain them, they always appreciate to hear when your mom/girlfriend tells you that ‘Dinner is ready, Sweetheart’!
Of course I cannot deny to use voice-overs, but than use a crappy microphone or simple decrease the volume before publishing.

3. Use hotkeys. It shows that you are really familiar with your app and makes the audience feel like idiots. If you have a comment section, you can answer the same questions multiple times and that proves not just your knowledge, but also your patience. Legends born this way.

4. Never show the used keys on the screen. Audience will learn quicker if they spend times with guessing.

5. Give more than the audience expects. If you are making a 40 minutes tutorial about rigging, spent the first 38 minutes with modeling, texturing and lighting of the environment of the character. People has too much time, you know.

6. Immediately start to make tutorials when you start learning. When you forget the location of an icon, say it loud. It makes the audience feel that they are learning something extremely difficult.

7. Copy other people’s tutorials. It is wonderful to find hundreds of tutorials on the net about making a simple cube.


Unity3D tips – How to manage extremely big models in Unity?

Simple answer: don’t make them.

With a populated editor window Unity3D becomes unresponsive and laggy, just like all the ‘we-offer-the-same-GUI-on-all-platforms’ apps (Blender too). The terrain system in Unity is still in 2007-2008, even free engines offer better tools today. Of course you can spend money in the Asset Store and if you are lucky, the utilities you buy will work properly for making rivers, roads, scattering and so on. But it still will be very-very slow.