Cycles vs Vray in Blender

Just a small test, do not take it too serious…
I didn’t pay too much attention on colors; the VRay render was over saturated, the Cycles ones needed additional saturation.
Unfortunately I was not able to test VRay on a ‘real usage’ resolution (it was a Maya demo).
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10 reasons why NOT to use Blender for paid architectural visualisation – 6/10.

Speed issues

Dear Visitor!
Before starting a debate, first read this and this.

Let me to be more specific:

1. Slow GUI in general
Blender uses OpenGL for the GUI. It results good things and bad things.
The good: it has the same GUI on all platforms.
The bad and more important: the responsiveness of the GUI depends on your GPU.
What does it mean in practice?
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A good news – Vray + Blender

I played a little bit with the Vray rendering engine for Blender.
Ok, I should be more specific: there is no something like ‘Vray for Blender’ officially from Chaosgroup.
There is a talented  and devoted developer, Andrei Izrantcev, who put his efforts to tweak Blender and Vray Standalone (what is the command line version of Vray) to work together.
It a not a dedicated or almost completely integrated solution compared to the 3DS Max version, but for me it seams that pretty stable and usable.
I have to declare I didn’t measured speed compared to the Max version and I didn’t tested it in ‘real’ production environment. Yet.
I just set up a simple test scene with ‘real usage’ geometry.

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