Making walls in Blender – 3ds Max style I.

This kind of wall building method is used for exteriors primarily to fullfill some special requirements. It helps to keep the object low-poly (for using it later in real-time engines) and it helps modifying when we are creating draft models and we expect that we have to change windows, doors several times during the design.
It works perfectly with the modifier system in Max; in this video I tried to adapt it to Blender.

I will give more info soon, how with some simple tools it would be as efficient as the toolset Max offers.

Enjoy and write me critiqes; don’t forget, I’m a newbie in Blender!

PS: The floorplan is from the Cad Blocks Exchange Network site, uploaded by B. Goldman, I found it on Yorik’s Blender site, used in this tutorial.


Feeling of success…

Dear Blenderheads and possible Max-emigrants:))),

I have a great news.
With some tricks I guessed the most efficient wall-modeling work-flow for Blender. It is not Max level, but efficient like hell.
If I can get someone to help me with some scripts, together with this it will do the trick almost perfectly.
I will present it soon.


I have to say I far more enjoy this kind of challenges than making visualisations of boring buildings.
Unfortunately I cannot buy food from this.

Reducing render times in Cycles – Noise filtering

I just made a small comparison of rendered images in Cycles with different sample values, then I used NeatImage Standalone demo to remove noise with different settings (you can recognize that I used stronger reduction on the 300 samples image, so details are more ‘washed out’).
Although worrying too much about ‘noise’ is mostly typical for the ‘tech-maniac type’  CGI or photography guys, I think it could show the power of noise-filtering as a post-processing step and it could be useful for everybody.
It doesn’t just saves time; it also saves electricity (it has effects on your budget and on the environment both).


– download the images and compare them in 1:1 ratio (on the native resolution of your screen)
– I didn’t used any filtering on the 500 sample render; I used it as a reference
– removing the noise in NeatImage required about 15-20 sec per image (could be batched).



Filtered with NeatImage

Filtered with NeatImage

10 reasons why NOT to use Blender for paid architectural visualisation – 1/10.

Dear Visitor!
Before starting a debate, first read this and this.

1. No proper 2D drawing tools

When I wanted to create a house model in Blender the first time (just a 3D sketch), I had to realize that 2D drawing tools like ‘Rectangle’, N-gon, Polyline – unlike to 3DS Max –  simple don’t exist in Blender.
What the hell? I must be wrong! – I thought.

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