I don’t envy the management of Unity now…

Let’s see, what happened:
1. Unity became strong enough in a specific field of 3D.
2. They decided to make more money instead of developing the app itself (very typical attitude in business).
3. Epic realized that there is an opportunity for stealing users from Unity with better tools and better financial deal.
4. They made a great offer with UDK 4, what offers real AAA quality compared to Unity.
5. Massive amount of former Unity users joined to UDK (I will, too, at least for testing).

I should be payed by big companies for predicting the future; actually I should at least have a free copy of Lumion3D as I suggested on a Quest3D forum to make a specific tool for archviz…:)

As CryTek made their offer for indies, too,  I’m really curious, what will happen now. I had a conversation with a friend about the possible strategy of Unity headquaters to stop loosing customers and I told to him that they will choose the wrong approach…

But what is more important: indies have commercial access to the best 3d engines in the world now – for correct pricing.
It will have various effects on the real-time 3d market; Shiva and other typical ‘average’ game engines has no chance anymore. Real-time archviz app developers like Lumion3D, LumenRT will be also affected; the level of the ‘customer loss’ will depend on the 3rd party add-ons for converting between CAD apps and UDK/CryEngine.


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