2 in 1: Particle tree in Blender + NeatVideo noise removal test

Some month ago I played with particle-based trees in Max and Unity for a more identical output result (using different vegetation for classic renders and real-time engines is not so ‘nice’).
At the end I went with another method, but it was interesting, so I decided to give a try for particle trees in Blender.
As you see, it is possible.

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Making walls in Blender – 3ds Max style I.

This kind of wall building method is used for exteriors primarily to fullfill some special requirements. It helps to keep the object low-poly (for using it later in real-time engines) and it helps modifying when we are creating draft models and we expect that we have to change windows, doors several times during the design.
It works perfectly with the modifier system in Max; in this video I tried to adapt it to Blender.

I will give more info soon, how with some simple tools it would be as efficient as the toolset Max offers.

Enjoy and write me critiqes; don’t forget, I’m a newbie in Blender!

PS: The floorplan is from the Cad Blocks Exchange Network site, uploaded by B. Goldman, I found it on Yorik’s Blender site, used in this tutorial.

My first result after 1.5 week in Blender

The 'FIRST CONTACT' memorial park in the future (hopefully)...

The ‘FIRST CONTACT’ memorial park in the future (hopefully)…

Originally this scene was not planned to ‘be a scene’; I just wanted to check how useful could be the ‘sculpting’ feature of Blender. I wanted to make some kind of amoeba-like organism, which – as you see – completely succeeded.
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