Readers from 35 countries

Since the blog started I wrote 60 posts in 2,5 months, I had readers from 35 countries.
The TOP3  countries of the visitors are Germany, the USA and France.

Some of the visitors just read a few posts, but what really makes me happy, some of them reads 10-20.
I would like to go in this way with the topics. Thank you, folks!

Most of the visitors comes from Vimeo, the Blender mail list and from the home of Blender CADTools.
For the last 2 I have to say thank you to Remigiusz Fiedler, developer of CADTools.

Since starting the blog I learned a lot about Blender, what became the most popular app on the blog for now.
Any time I start this app, I feel how good the fact is that there are dedicated people in the world who share their knowledge with others for free, giving opportunities for everyone to learn 3D.
Keep it going and thanks!

I have several post waiting for me to finish.
Some of you will feel that it is not so close to the topic of 3D.
Maybe you are right.
But in my opinion any knowledge worth nothing without sharing or using it.
Now I start heavily focus on finding a job I can do with joy and what fits my future plans to make some art schools (music, video, photo, CGI) for talented kids in the undeveloped countries.
I have to say that it is not easy at all; I was far more flexible employer than the most of the studios.
So be patient, I will continue with tech-stuff soon.:)


CVs, portfolios, jobs and the dead ends of casual thinking… 1. Forewords

I didn’t write too many CVs in my life; clients recommended me and that was enough to have jobs.
In the most of my life I was freelancer, ‘independent’ advisor/project manager, volunteer, whatever. That offered me freedom with my critics and ideas.
I never wanted to build a so-called career, I never went for big salaries as a motive.
I wanted interesting tasks and enough money for my definitely not luxury lifestyle.
I never imagined that I will be responsible for others, I never thought that I have to organize projects.
It just happened somehow as a task.
I always tried to go for the ‘flow‘.
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Questions and Answers – More details about this blog…

Questions and Answers

Q: Did you start this blog to make new enemies, trolling about products or what?

A: I started this blog to help and being helped. If I help someone to achieve a better way of thinking related to a software, a product, a philosophy, etc., the improvements he/she achieves will help my life (as a user, a customer, a human being, etc.).
Although there is a really small chance to get any ‘direct’ profit from these things, I think that in long term it could help a lot for others.

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About this blog

This is my favorite question since my childhood.
So, the question is why to start another blog about 3D technology?

My first answer: I would like to show technology from another point of view; not just focusing on tutorials and tips, apps and workflows.
Technology will be just one part of the story on this blog. The way we use it will be the other: the more important part, if we think globally. Continue reading