Professional, artist, beginner, amateur, hobbyist – who is who?

I already wrote a related  post here, but I think it deserves some more detailed and funnier interpretation.
So I decided to make an imaginary interview with an ‘artist’, a ‘professional’, a ‘beginner’ and so on about a rendered image.
Of course the render is the same and was made by me (formerly was presented here), but it was obvious to reuse it for this purpose.
I wrote these posts to be ironic as hell, but as I already mentioned, English is not my native language, so I just hope that the ‘small dissonance’  in the answers is recognizable.
I didn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, I know that I was evil, but do not take life so seriously 🙂



1. How to develop an app – Size matters

This post contains a massive amount of irony and sarcasm, thanks to the brainless marketing I have to face day by day.

Size matters, so make your software big

If you are developing a commercial app, make it big.
Very big.
It guarantees the success, because people want big things.
Just think about human sexuality.
People are genetically designed to love big thinks.
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