1. Modo 801 is out. And yes, it brings new features, unlike 3ds Max 2015 what is a ‘patch’ for an insane amount of money.
Check it out here: MODO 801 new features
Well, it is not a revolution of course, moreover catching up with other apps. But at least they definitely did something for their money, not just gave a 500 EUR bill for a 20 EUR modifier.

2. I realised that a new version of  Fibix Editor is out. I saw some new videos (looked fine), so I gave it a new chance. It crashes all the time again.


As always, there are so much things to say…

… but I have only limited time.

During the last weeks I haven’t realized that the blog became 1 years old. That is a good news and I try to keep it going as long as it possible. I had to realize that I have tons of half-finished posts and articles; I should catch up, Blender-related mostly.
So much things to do. I wish I had some clones. 😉

Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 has been announced – did anybody still expect anything from Autodesk?

I read the comments of the users about the money-making machine of Autodesk… It seems I’m not the only disappointed person.
There is an article in my head about the law how app development goes stupid and unfair, related to the yearly income of the developers… I hope I will have time to write it.

Today Modo 801 will be announced. I played with Modo 701 for a while and it has several weaknesses, but in general I found it a very promising modeling app, so I wait for the new features.

For the price of a Max upgrade (completely insane) I could buy a new Modo and a Lightwave license.

What I don’t like…

is the fanboy attitude. I read forums, related to Andrew Price’s GUI proposal and I have to face too many times with human stupidity and fanboy attitude. Andrew put tons of efforts to his proposal and some of the users doesn’t even give a minimal respect for it. That is a shame. I use Blender for a year now, technically I would be able not to use 3ds Max anymore (not considering the much slower workflow for archviz). For custom modeling I use Blender all the time, except of some rare areas. I see Blender weaknesses – even more than I saw them from the beginning. Not mentioning the problematic things under the hood, the GUI is not good at all. It has noticeable, very smart features, but it is incredible far from being user-friendly and efficient (same for Max, no question). Andrew came up with some good ideas (although I don’t agree with all of them).

PS : I know this proposal is quite old, but I had no time for it.:)

Real-time engine quick reviews – something has been changed

Do you remember for these ‘Quick reviews‘ on real-time engines?

I had to pause it for a while because of other projects  and now it will be finished in a different way.
I planned to write about these apps:

Dedicated apps:
– TwinMotion (Done, read it here).
– Fibix Editor (Done, read it here).
– Lumion3D

‘Game engines’:
– CryEngine3
– Torque3D (Done, read it here).
– S2 Engine
– NeoAxis
– LeadWerks (Done, read it here).
– C4 Engine
– Esenthel (Done, read it here).
– Shiva3D
– BGE (Blender Game Engine)

So let’s see, what will happen:
Thanks to the indie-friendly move of Epic with releasing UDK 4 and its ‘countermove’ from CryTek with CryEngine3 on a very low price, the small 3d tools are literally dead.
I have no doubt that there are loyal users for all of the so-called ‘indie’ engines and they will slow down the agony of the tools, but with rational thinking they are not alternatives anymore.
Let me to be honest on this: it was unavoidable.
There are 2 kinds of developer who could survive in long term: ‘geniuses’ and big development teams. ‘Geniuses’ are rare. They used to invent things or make outstanding implementations of existing technologies. Generally speaking take a look on Brigade engine. Take a look on Corona Renderer.
These things are just awesome.

The other ‘survivor’-type is the company who is big and/or rich enough to solve a problem with brute force (many high skilled employees) or with buying out the technology what geniuses made. Most typical example from a different field of computer graphics: AutoDesk (but their new moves with the upgrade policy…folks, I could buy a full MODO and Lightwave license from their ‘discounted’ upgrade price. Have you seen LWCAD? It is awesome.)

So, I’m sure the most of the smaller game engine apps will be discontinued in a relatively short period. I will not write reviews about these apps anymore.
Specialized apps like Lumion3D could survive. Lumion interface is for ‘engineers’ who shoud not be engineers at all. It offers a massive library of content, could be a complete solution for non-tech guys. But they will bleed customers, too. Anyone who goes for the highest quality of GPU-based archviz with customization needs…. they will be not Lumion3d users anymore.
Why they would be?
For 10-20 USD per month they could get the best technologies today.

I have to mention Blender Game Engine separately.
As a game engine it has no chance and it never had.
But as a complementer visualiser tool it could win a lot with smart developing.
Otherwise, if you take a look on the new implementation of the Toolbox menus in Blender… I doubt it will be developed to the right direction.

I hope my next review will focus on UDK4, although I have to finish some projects till I can deal with it.

It is a shame… Autodesk lost it…

As I mentioned earlier, I’m a 3d Studio Max user. I was part of the subscription plan for a while, what offered me yearly upgrades for an affordable price. Today I got a call from the reseller/distributor that Autodesk changes its upgrade policy.
There is no problem with that, the whole world goes to cloud, so why not?
With the Adobe Cloud even freelancers got opportunity to use the latest apps with almost affordable pricing, so I expected something like this – emotionally. I say ‘ emotionally’, because with rational thinking I had to admit that  Autodesk never – NEVER – did anything for their customers to make their life easier.

I checked their monthly subscription prices a few months ago…. they were like a bad joke. So, the reseller told me that I should upgrade to Max 2015, then pay yearly the double of the last subscription price I payed before. Also told me that I should be happy, because it is a great offer.

Well, I told that Autodesk just lost a customer and they will loose even more. And I also told Autodesk should take a look on Adobe Cloud when they guess their pricing. Or take a look on Modo (which is more and more close to be my new package near Blender).

Of course I will use Max in the future. My existing license will be useful for years; I changed my plans for the future, so I can live with an earlier version.

I think in a few years Autodesk will have serious problems with their competitors, so they will be forced to reduce prices.