From hero to zero – Lumion3D

A quote from Lumion3D support forum, about importing animations:

“It is only possible to import simple object animations in Lumion, i.e. move/rotate/scale animations.
From FAQ: “It is not possible to import vertex animations, morph animations or bone animations in Lumion.””

Well, it is 2013.
You lost a customer.


2 thoughts on “From hero to zero – Lumion3D

  1. Ryan Gathmann reports similar experience with Lumion at

    “The two systems we use at HKS LINE are Lumion and Unity3D. While Lumion wins hands down for its easy interface, great visuals, and large content library it is also extremely limited as a presentation tool. Unfortunately, there is not way to animate any objects, create walkthroughs, or use any type of scripting to control the environment. This is where Unity3D we are really excited with the potential Unity3D shows.”

  2. Thanks for the link, Migius. For me it was quite surprising. On the other side I am not surprised at all; I left Quest3D (the other product of the developers of Lumion) for Unity several years ago, because they didn’t give a shit about customer needs… Well, it seems that they still have problems with deciding what is important and what is not. Otherways, I have to say that their new grass shader is a big step forward for archviz renders.

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