What I hate in IT…

is that I have to deal too much with other people’s crappy work. I’m not just talking about the most of the clients who doesn’t have the slightest idea what they do, what they want or how a pipeline works, but the half-ready applications with full of bugs. I spent the last 2 days with trying to find out what changes the framerates of my Unity project from 25 fps to 60 when I render out image sequences. I checked several backups, exported projects, reimported them, deleted directories, assets, files to find the guilty part of the scene.

To make it more funny, in two different export 2 different assets caused the problem.
A missing ‘collider mesh’ (I have no idea how it was related to fps) and a permanently switched off ‘animation’ asset (it was switched off, then what the f…ck?).

Besides the fact that Unity is not compatible with even itself (something is always missing, some code is always broken) I was really surprised by these problems.

I will buy Lumion3D for commercial projects as soon as it is possible. I have no time for this bug-hunting crazyness.


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