Buying models

In the last few days I bought shaders, models, utilities from various sources. One of the marketplaces I used was TurboSquid – one of the shining stars of unfair business models with keeping 60% of the profit after each sold items. I’m not proud of being their customer and I don’t want to find excuses for myself, even if I had the reason to use their shop. I plan a post about the unfairness of the TS business model.

Anyway, I bought some models and it is time to say that not just Unity Asset Store suffers from the lack of quality assurance.
I bought a rigged character, it also promised .obj version. I thought I will get a T-pose version (it would be obvious) for rigging.
I was wrong. So I have to say: nice job.

I also bought some vehicles, with some basic modeling mistakes.It was not so much time to correct them, but I wanna pay for flawless stuff, especially when they cost a lot.


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