Still sticked to the Asset Store..

Ok, some explanation. As I wrote before, Unity needs a tons of assets to be capable of making affordable quality output, so any archviz guy who doesn’t want to code have to buy 10-15 assets at least. After reading hundreds of forum pages it is clear to me that Asset Developers badly need a kind of ‘compatibility certification’ what should guarantee that the ordered assets are compatible with each other.

It is also weird that I can buy video editors/image editors for 50 EUR, CAD software for 99 USD, but for a shader/shader pack I have to pay 70-90 EUR. On the other hand object (model) assets are quite underpriced in some cases.
What is in the background?
1. I think that the Asset Store is mostly a playground. I would be really curious on the age statistics of the customers/developers.
This ‘age factor’ comes with less experience in different fields at the same time (coding/modeling).
2. Less seller make code than make models. More customers have the skills to model than code.
3. Obviously models could be sold elsewhere, but Unity code is only compatible with Unity (smaller market).
4. Although I’m not a coder, I worked with them and I can tip the amount of the necessary work. I have the feeling that while a modeler doesn’t count the hours he/she spends with learning how to model a specific asset properly, I think that coders in the Asset Store count their dead ends, too. Of course it is not true for all of them; as you saw before, I recommended great assets with reasonable prices.


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