Browsing Unity Asset Store…

… that was what I did today. I need some tools and additional shaders, so I tried to guess, which asset is the best. It was an impossible misson. There are at least 5-6 sky system, multiple shader packs with the same functions… and I have to say, that half of the developers is a moron with no ideas how to present their products. Maybe they developed the most sophisticated version of a tool/shader, but how in the hell they think that I’m as a customer can judge anything by a single image? I want to see videos, screenshots and a f…ing interactive demo where I can play with the settings and see the results.

Some of the developers offer trial version with watermark.
That is the best way to go.

Anyways, after some discussion with a friend of mine yesterday, this kind of stupid marketing is widespread.
He was complaining about similar things in his profession (web development). It was a funny conversation (irony ‘on’).
 How wonderful is when a developer promises AAA+ quality for her/his product and then put a 360p/480p video on YouTube to prove it…
Or when they sell a tool  without any manual and the customer has to read 10+ pages in the forums to find the answer for a specific usage.

To be straight: these developers are in a wrong way. But the mostly responsible party in this attitude  is Unity as a  company.
They let developers to upload assets without these informations, although it would be quite easy to forbid uploading without video/online demo, etc.
Sometimes I’m wondering why they don’t have someone who has common sense and experience how to make an online store…


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