Gaps on the market

Before I migrated from Quest3D to Unity3D, I tried to ‘push’ Act3D developers to fill a gap with a product for real-time architectural visualisation.
Answers on the forums were similar to discussions in some of the Blender forums (‘no need for that’, ‘you can write it yourself’, etc.)
A few years later they came out with Lumion3D, but for me and for some of the former Quest3D users it was too late.
I haven’t write the review about Lumion3D yet, but I think there will be no surprise that it is the best dedicated RT archviz tool on the market, although its interface is definitely not for me (it is too ‘basic’) and it still misses some important features, especially compared to the unlimited possibilities in Quest3D.

Anyway, as they state on their site:

26 of the top 100 Architect companies in the world are now customers of Lumion.’

If they had listened to me, maybe that number would be even bigger…

I still see several possibilities in CGI market in different areas; I’m curious when will some companies recognize them and make extra money.


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