Some thoughts on GUIs and generic app development – again

I wrote formerly about ‘expected’ GUI operation (based on the former, traditional usage of different apps, related to naming conventions like calling the same function on different names eg. ‘Move’, ‘Translate’, ‘Grab’).

I also mentioned viewpoint operations and mouse controls for rotating, zoom, etc.

Now about ‘Open’, ‘Import’, ‘Export’.
I think ‘Open’ is for the native file format of any apps. I ‘open’ *.max in Max, *.blend in Blender and so on.
I ‘import’ files exist in different formats (like *.obj for Max or Blender).
I ‘export’ files in a different format than the native one of the app (like *.obj in Max and Blender).
I should ‘render’ the expected output result in any 3D or video editing application.

So – although I used Adobe Premiere formerly a lot – it is weird for me, that I have to export the movie instead of ‘rendering’ it.
It is weird to me that I have to export image/video from Twinmotion2 instead of hitting ‘Render’, while they offer me a dedicated ‘Draft render’ button.


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