Real-time engine quick reviews 6. – TwinMotion2

I’m evil and mercyless.

TwinMotion is the first dedicated app for GPU archviz, also the most pricey one (2420 EUR + 749 EUR yearly subscription).
Besides of some comments I made in the former post, it has a nice GUI (I’m talking about the ‘look’) and it is capable to deliver superb images.
I don’t really know if the GUI is usable or not (besides its look), because I didn’t enjoyed the ‘usage’ of this app at all.
Because it is slow.
I mean it is slow like hell.
I tried it in the past, I tried it now on a notebook (Geforce 525M) and a desktop PC and it was slow all the time.
Navigating in the viewport – almost impossible.
I checked the models: it should be fast, even Unity could handle scenes like the ones in the sample files properly, with affordable speed.
Sometimes I travel a lot and those times I have to be able to make adjustments on a model on my notebook (or work on the field with a notebook). It is impossible with TwinMotion – as far as I can see).

Some other thoughts: the sample files are terrible, they don’t tell anything about the capability of the app.
I would never buy it, take a look on this bush from the sample file below.
In real-time archviz the quality of the vegetation is a factor. I can’t state I completely agree with this ‘importance’, but when it comes to vegetation, Lumion3D, LumenRT and CryEngine3 are giving far better quality plants than this bush below.

TwinMotion sample bush - Are you serious?

And now take a look on this, made by Arscom Studio (I know I’m not fair to compare a close-up with this, but I think you see what I mean):

Isn’t it beautiful?
The TwinMotion guys should learn how to sell a product.

So I have to say that I will not buy TwinMotion ever until they change:

– viewport responsibility
– pricing structure (unfair subscription fee what doesn’t give automatic update for the next release if I’m right)
– too high price (take a look on LumenRT)

You can download the trial from here:



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