Real-time engine quick reviews 5. – Esenthel

Well, it was the fastest review ever.
Great price (199 USD), all the visual features promised I was looking for, terrible website and logo design (I can forgive the logo, but not for the website, because of navigation issues), custom GUI, iOS and Android support.
I wanted to try some samples, but it lacked Visual Studio for compiling. Well, if I buy a car, I assume that it has all the parts for using it.
I don’t have VS installed, because I’m not a programmer.
I can accept if the engine installer automatically installs 3rd party stuff like DirectX, DDS viewer, etc., but I will not hunt for additionally needed stuff , make additional registrations to download them, etc. At least not for now.

So Esenthel failed before real testing.
Sad, because it looked promising.
If you check the video below, it seems to offer better postFX than – for example – Torque (eg. DOF quality). The quality of the soft shadows although seems to be low and I was bothered by the flickering parts of the scene.

When I will have the patience (and time), I will take a look on it again.

You can download the trial from


3 thoughts on “Real-time engine quick reviews 5. – Esenthel

  1. thank you for the review, I didn’t know this engine.
    Another nice feature video (from 2010) is here:

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