Real-time engine quick reviews 4. – LeadWerks

Another engine for indies with great pricing (199 USD) and Android/iOS support.
I cannot say too much about it.
It was able to import a huge scene without problem (most of the other engines were not able to do that in one step), but then I was not able to recalculate normals (everything looked ‘smoothed’).
I mean it has the function to recalculate normals, but it was not able to save the result.
Giving material to an object was painful; while – as an example – Unity automatically generates materials with a standard diffuse shader (later you can change it) to all Material IDs on a mesh, all of my models seemed to be using only one material. I tried it from Blender, too, but no luck.

UPDATE (May, 2014): Josh Klint, CEO of LeadWerks notified me about asset pipeline upgrades, so the ‘material issue’ is not an issue anymore.  You can check the video at the end of the post.
And some additional info: LeadWerks is available on Steam.

I found a possible bug (or something what seemed to be a bug); after some tweaking I was not able to drag ‘n’ drop any assets to the editor; it recognized left click as a right I think.

Another thing: developing is not fast if the user have to wait a lot for compiling (it is true for other engines, too). Working in the ‘real game’ like in CryEngine SDK could be a real timesaver.
I didn’t really spent too much time with it: for me the slow pipeline workflow meant ‘no’ for archviz purposes.
On the other hand the developer seems to be a really dedicated man (and maniacs like me appreciate it), so I will take a look on it when the next version comes out.

By the way: developers should understand that as a user I spend time with learning anything new only in the case when I feel that I can achieve something superb with the invested time.
So put into the gallery the best screenshots, the best videos (and another tip, because I saw it on other sites: use antialised screenshots!)

Here you can download a trial:

UPDATED pipeline workflow is here.


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