Real-time engine quick reviews 3. – Torque3D

Torque became open-source and free, so I didn’t have extremely high expectations. The work-flow is acceptable for importing meshes.
Sometimes it messes with the imported faces (flipped normals, etc).
The material assignment as a process is OK (but check Lumion for a speedy solution).
I didn’t used it for any special task, so I didn’t do any programming.
It has a massive user base, it has samples/tutorials.
I missed porting opportunities for mobile devices and a similar quality webplayer what Unity has.
These are not so important features, but an ‘ideal’ app should have these options, at least with IOS support.

I missed a cutscene editor (it could be bought around 100 USD, too pricey for a simple tool), but what I definitely missed is the good quality post-processing and the fast operation of its panel. All the post-processing effects could be handled from PostFX options (sometimes it is great), it uses sliders (great for rapid work), but the quality of the effects and the speed when I was setting up the properties of these effects was something terrible. DOF, SSAO is definitely a shame in quality.

Another thing: the tree textures are massively flickering when the camera moves and it is ugly. I was not able to find the reason (I set AA, played with filtering, switched off SSAO, but no luck).
On the other hand Torque gives us some very useful features like built-in animated sky system (clouds, day/night cycle).
If I were in university again, I would give it a longer trial period.

You can get Torque3D here:


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