Not funny…

‘… anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that “my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge”.
(Isaac Asimov)

Ok, it will be a weird post now, just after having a really terrible conversation with someone (on the other hand I respect him for his altruistic attitude in other things).

In the last few years I had a feeling that the world started to become a place where the most of the population thinks that being an idiot has an extreme coolness factor.
People are proud for their poor results in science studies like math, chemistry or physics or on the fact that they cannot add numbers without a calculator.
I think it is really sad.

I don’t expect outstanding knowledge from average people, but come on!
I’m loosing my patience when people with a degree agitate against vaccinations in a way like ‘There is Mercury in the vaccinations and Mercury is poisonous!!!).


I used to say to them that then don’t let their children to drink water, because there are both Hydrogen and Oxygen in it, so they could explode after drinking  a fucking lemonade.

Then I start to yell with the salt-cellar in my hand:

‘Chlorine! Chlorine!!!!!’ Do you want to poison your kids? Chlorine was used in the World War I. for killing people! It damages their lungs!

Then with an evil smile:
– You don’t deserve to have kids! (And I really mean it.)

I cannot stand idiots after a while and it is really hard to me to accept that people with any basic knowledge/common sense  could get a degree or has the right to vote on elections.

And just for staying with the VR.Builder blog, the conversation was about using virtual reality applications in health-care (I have a really old idea for a specific field and I told to this guy that I contacted some friends of mine in NGOs and universities if any of them is interested in it).
I was asked to explain what is it about; then the answer was:
– I cannot get the sense of this virtual reality thing. There are real people, real environments; it sounds like some unnecessary nerd-stuff.

I tried to explain that while there are real concerts with real musicians, I used to listen music with MP3 players when I’m in my room and people used to go to cinemas to see fake stories instead of the reality – with their friends.
He was not able to get it.


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