Misconceptions in Blender vs something else debates – 04.

‘If you think your users are idiots, only idiots will use it’ (Linus Torvalds)

I read this quote related to the missing  ‘quit-warning’ of Blender and someone used it as an argument to defend the lack of this feature (by default).

It is a very wrong way of thinking.

First of all, generally speaking human beings are idiots.
Of course not in everything and not all the time, but we used to do stupid things. All of us.
We are not machines.
So even clever guys and very experienced users could make terrible mistakes.

In the 21th century IT is not a playground for some elite programmers and scientists anymore, it is for everyone.
The way any program operates and handles user interactions simple couldn’t be ‘elitist’.
And if most of the users has average IT skills and they got used to fact that the apps they use warn them for unsaved data in case of quitting, then it should be a must in Blender by default.
And a pro Blender user, who knows how to disable it, could do that in 5 seconds, if it so disturbing…
On the other hand it would appear just if he/she didn’t save…


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