10 reasons why NOT to use Blender for paid architectural visualisation – 7/10.

The lack of a quick and efficient UVW mapping tool

On most of the Blender forums the visitors could read that Blender built-in UVW mapping  features are among the best.
Well, that could be true in the field of custom modeling when someone have to unwrap a special and unique model, but it is definitely not true for archviz mapping.


In an archviz scene a 3d modeler have to deal with hundreds, thousands of ‘simple’ models. A good tool would offer the opportunity to assign the same UVW coordinates for multiple models at the same time, but with high level of customizing  later; the opportunity to give exact  UVW coordinates with resizing (numeric), positioning, rotating, scaling, tiling, etc.
Although Blender offers ‘texture space’ mapping (SHIFT+T), it has very limited functionality, compared to the UVW modifier in 3ds Max (and even those limited functions are not working properly in Cycles).

I tried to make some workarounds like transferring UVW layouts, but it is just not there yet (unfortunately).
Blender should offer an UVW modifier what is capable to offer all the necessary ‘simple’ UVW  mapping ways (planar, box, cylindrical, sphere, etc.) with the support of texture channels, tile sizes, mapping gizmos, etc.



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