Misconceptions in Blender vs something else debates – 03.

03. Blender is Blender… … and it was not intended to be X, Y or Z app

Another typical argument when someone misses a ‘basic/useful’ feature what was implemented in most of the other apps and suggests to build it into Blender.
It is not just a wonderful example for circular reasoning, but also a nice demonstration of being emotional on a ‘thing’ (or with a more common expression: reacting as a ‘fanboy’).

The problem with this argument and the related attitude is that it completely denies the implementing of some really useful features into Blender.
If ‘Blender is Blender’ (doesn’t need to be compared to other apps), then Blender is perfect, because it is Blender.

The wonderful news in this case that even the already existing features could be removed for future releases.
It is enough to offer a simple icon, what starts the program with one simple feature: printing onto the screen: Blender rules.
It wouldn’t require any hard development work and  would also make Blender to run more stable.
Isn’t it an awesome idea?


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