Misconceptions in Blender vs something else debates – 02.

02. Blender is for hobbyists and it is not a quality app…

One of the typical arguments against Blender in flame wars that Blender is for hobbyists and cannot offer professional quality.
Although technically it is true that Blender users are usually hobbyists, but it doesn’t mean that Blender is not capable to deliver professional results.
Blender definitely could deliver premium quality results, just check the tutorials of Andrew Price at BlenderGuru.

The features of a tool are very important for a professional.
But being professional – in general – means to have the ability to choose the proper tool for a task and instead of prejudice having the skill to be objective in app preferences.
Blender as a complementary tool could be really useful for almost everybody.
And – as an example –  for a freelancer archviz professional or for an indie game developer who doesn’t have to compete in all factors (quality, speed, price)  it could be the ultimate professional tool – for free.


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