Who is who – The Artist

The 'FIRST CONTACT' memorial park in the future

The ‘FIRST CONTACT’ memorial park in the future

The Artist

– So, Mr. Artist, please tell us, how this image was born?
– Well, to be exact it hasn’t born yet, although I’m working on it for a while.
But – to answer your question – I saw a gallery on a website; a collection of the winner images from a science-fiction digital art competition last year.
I was told by some  friends that I should make something, too, but competing kills the art in my opinion.
So I didn’t feel being inspired at all, until I saw the winner images.

– Did you like what you see?

– I was shocked.
I mean yes, there were very high quality images, technically flawless, but you know,  those young artists….
I felt that something is missing from their art.
The soul, the essence of  life.
Most of the artists are different now.
They didn’t lived in those good old times, when all what we call ‘digital art’ was born, by drawing images pixel by pixel.
It was an unbelievable exciting era; watching how a complete picture formed by those single pixels.
And they never write a single row of code to make something ‘visual’. I made my first circles on the screen in BASIC on a Commodore 16.
So I think these new generation artists missed something very important with these ‘one button art’ toolsets.


– But as far as I know, you teach sometimes, so your opinion is not so generic about younger artists.

– Of course it is not true for all of them.
You already met Moon, she let you into the house.
She is a very talented and open-minded artist with full of inspiration; she is my all-time fan, permanent model and lover in one person.
She asked me to teach her and I was seduced by her brilliant thoughts.
OK, I know that she is beautiful and younger than me with almost 20 years, but it is about her mind, the familiarity of our souls.
We all consist of the very same material as the universe, we all were together for a fragment of time at the moment of the Big Bang.
When I first saw her, I immediately felt that strong relation between us.
And you know, her name… it was a symbol again. A message from the universe to make this image.

– So do you plan to show for the younger generation how to put soul to art?  Will you send it to this year for the CGI competition?

– Unfortunately I don’t think I can finish it until the deadline.

 – Would you tell us  more about the picture? Something about technical details… sorry, artistic details?

– Well, I modeled every single object separately. For example I spent 2 weeks with the trees.
I made different trees. Unique tress. Every single leaves are different.
Of course I didn’t use any ‘treemaker’ application, because this kind of tools kill the art.
I know that this detail couldn’t be seen on the actual image at all, because it is out of focus, but it is important. Small details mean a lot. Sometimes mean everything.
Art cannot lie.
But the more important things are the symbols I used for the characters.
In my imagination the first contact of aliens and humans will be definitely friendly.
Maybe you ask me: why?
Because the creatures of this universe belong together.
We all belong together.
Love connects us.
So I used the same materials on both bodies to show this relation we share. This cell-like Voronoi texture. Isn’t it fantastic?
The representation of inner similarity.

On the other hand I thought that the first contact have to contain a massive of fear as well in the souls.
That is why I formed some of the ‘arms’ of the alien creature to imitate some kind of swords. I also wanted to present their physical superiority with the ratios of the bodies.

And – about the human character – I  have to say: if aliens are capable to visit us on our planet, they must have superior technology.
That is the reason why I modeled the human completely naked, not is a space-suit, armor or something.
For less open-minded people – compared to us, artists –  ‘being naked’ is not the about freedom or going back to our natural state; it is about being vulnerable.

– Very nice thoughts. What is your plan, what will come next?

– Well, I met Moon’s sister and she looked quite talented and open-minded, too, so I plan to make some fine art nude sketches as a study for the additional characters in the scene. I’m not sure yet if I will use them, but art requires sacrifices all the time.

– You are quite dedicated person to art. Would you like us to deliver a message for the people, for our readers?

– Art is the most important things in the world.
Just imagine the world without art!
Imagine a world without Picasso, Mozart or Andreaty Zen. You see?

– Ok, I know it is my shame, but who is ‘Andreaty Zen’? … and in my personal opinion maybe science is important as much as art … you know, medicine, etc.

– You see, that is what I’m talking about. People don’t respect artists. Economy don’t respect artists.
Capitalism keeps us under. The Big Bad Pharma – what you call as ‘medicine’ – controls our health, our life.
They makes us sick, they keep us sick.
Just tell it to the readers!

– I will, thanks for the interview.

– My pleasure.

(While leaving the house I can still hear his words to the girl  : ‘Moon, thank you for paying my bills. It is good to see that you are not affected by this evil material world.  When will your sister come?
I ran out from the blue pills, by the way…’)


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