About bandwidth…

Ok, it is a quite old story and I have to explain some stuff, because the mentioned devices are not in use anymore.

In the middle of the 90’s the local networks had a theoretical maximum speed about 10 megabits.
In our studio we had a server for data sharing and backup tasks (and networked Doom parties, of course).
The printing of the renders requested special gear, so we had a partner to that task for us.
In these times we had no internet, no USB sticks or memory cards; for transferring data we used floppy disks and a product called ‘SyQuest‘, what offered 270 megabytes storage space on a 3.5″ disk (and it was also legendary about its unreliability).

So we started to print the stuff in the studio of this guy and I told to him that it would be nice for them either to get the computers networked for moving data.

He disagreed.

I asked him:

– Why?

He took 4 SyQuest disks and carried them from one computer to the other.

– Well, it took 4 seconds to take 4 x 270 megabytes from that computer to this. I think no network could compete with this at the moment:)

He was right:)


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