I contact power users & developers

In the last few days I started to contact Blender users specialized on archviz.
I’m newbie in Blender and I will be minimum for a year.
I need feedback from users who live from archviz and know all the workarounds and weaknesses.
The development of Blender should be more focused;  at the moment it is a nice swiss knife for me.
Has a tons of features, none of them replaces the industry standard packages.
I deeply believe  – after these weeks – that the most easy ‘breakout point’ for Blender is archviz.
It needs the smallest effort to turn it to be able to compete with the big boys.
And almost no one do archviz as a hobby, it is clearly ‘pro’ grade job.
Which means the improvements could be clearly declared.

Contact: vr.builder (at) yahoo.com


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