10 reasons why NOT to use Blender for paid architectural visualisation – 3/10.

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Before starting a debate, first read this and this.

Blender has serious stability issues

This opinion based on 3-4 weeks of usage – Blender is not stable, at least not on my computer. It took me back to the ‘not so good’ old times, when one single app was able to get the whole system halted.
Max is far more reliable, if we can state this about an app, which freezes more than anything else in my standard work-flow (Autodesk guys should do something for their money).
Let me to note something: i saw a lot of videos tutorials from Blender pro users. They save like hell in every few minutes and this tells me that not my computer is the reason for stability issues.
Fortunately Blender has an autobackup system (similar to Max, just slightly worse), so you will not loose any important data if you customize it for your needs.
I set my backup intervals to 5 minutes, what means in the worst case I loose 5 minutes of my life:)
Yesterday I had about 7-8 occasions when Blender crashed (reasons: i adjusted a material slider and so on; really ‘special’ and ‘system-killer’ stuff); if I count the worst situation, I lost 35-40 minutes of work.
For a hobby it is fine. For earning money, it is not so good.

By the way, is there any reliable (stable) package on the market? I have terrible experiences.


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