The price doesn’t matter…

”The price doesn’t matter!’

Have you ever heard this from a client?

First time I heard this I was on a meeting with the local management of a huge and well-known international company, and we were talking about a specific design task and its financial relations.
It was a must to know the budget (not because we decided to become rich from one single job; the task included working with subcontractors and using some special stuff what was available in different quality as a final result – of course with different pricing.
We asked multiple times if they are sure they want the best (and most pricey) or we should come up with some cheaper alternatives, too.
The ‘boss’ said:
– NO, only the BEST is affordable for us. Don’t worry about the budget.

Well, we didn’t worry.
On the next meeting  the same guy checked the price of the estimated ‘best quality’ solution and told:
– It is unacceptable, because it is too much.

After noticing him to his former words, he told:
– I never told that.

Funny, isn’t it?
Finally we gave a new quotation, got the job, finished the job; they were satisfied, but I learned 2 things:

1. Price always matters.
2. People thinks they are loosing their face when they make mistakes.

In my opinion making mistakes is necessary for learning and being good in anything.
I respect people who have the guts to say: Ok, sorry, I was wrong in that.


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