My first result after 1.5 week in Blender

The 'FIRST CONTACT' memorial park in the future (hopefully)...

The ‘FIRST CONTACT’ memorial park in the future (hopefully)…

Originally this scene was not planned to ‘be a scene’; I just wanted to check how useful could be the ‘sculpting’ feature of Blender. I wanted to make some kind of amoeba-like organism, which – as you see – completely succeeded.

The topology of the ‘alien creature’ is completely bad, but in this case it was not my goal (it was a test as I wrote formerly).
My original conception was that it would be cool to use Blender for making sculptures – for the really rare occasions when I need sculptures for an architectural visualisation.
In 3DS Max these functions (sculpting or modeling with blobs) are not good at all.

So I created the ‘aliens’, imported a human from MakeHuman, created the buildings at the back with MOI3D. For the material of the sculptures I used a Voronoi procedural texture node.
The trees at the background were made in OnyxTree; their color nodes (variations) are mainly based on the Pabellon Barcelona blender scene (see credits here).
For compositing I used Blender, 2D image editing (just a minimal one) was performed in GIMP.
I decided to use Blender for – let’s say – ‘artistic’ projects for a while.. Good way of learning I think.

Small video on Vimeo:


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