10 things you will like in Blender – 3/10.

GUI customization

You will like the customization possibilities of the GUI.
Maybe you think I completely lost it, especially that I wrote before that the GUI sucks (and most of the people complains about Blender’s GUI).

Ok, I make it clear for you.
The conception of the incredible customizable GUI in Blender is outstanding (the speed, the lack of being intuitive is not).
I use customized GUI in Max, but that is not even close to what Blender offers.
Instead of going the details deeply I tell you one simple thing:
I use dual monitor setup as a working environment for more than 10 years. Some of my Max user friends works on 3 screens.
Since I use Blender, I don’t use the second screen for anything (at least inside Blender). I have the possibility to use it, but I don’t need it.

Let me to bring in some other point of view.  You cannot give up using 2 screens, because for other apps they are a must (usually).
But if I think about the possibility to switch the secondary screen off, it could mean a lot for environment protection (saving electricity).

You can have several GUIs at the same scene at the same time (within 1 click), optimized for specific tasks (3d editing, sculpting, compositing, etc.), optimized for ‘all-in-one-screen’ workflow… optimized for _any_kind of workstyle, but without annoying pop-ups and permanent fighting with floating GUI elements. It is incredible cool compared to Max.


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