A good news – Vray + Blender

I played a little bit with the Vray rendering engine for Blender.
Ok, I should be more specific: there is no something like ‘Vray for Blender’ officially from Chaosgroup.
There is a talented  and devoted developer, Andrei Izrantcev, who put his efforts to tweak Blender and Vray Standalone (what is the command line version of Vray) to work together.
It a not a dedicated or almost completely integrated solution compared to the 3DS Max version, but for me it seams that pretty stable and usable.
I have to declare I didn’t measured speed compared to the Max version and I didn’t tested it in ‘real’ production environment. Yet.
I just set up a simple test scene with ‘real usage’ geometry.

Why is this a huge step forward?

Because Vray is the industrial standard in archviz, thanks to its speed and quality ratio.
At this very moment if your package doesn’t have Vray, you are out of the ‘game’ of pros.
Although I enjoy learning new things, it was a great feeling to see the familiar material settings panels in Blender.
It will be a great step ahead for people who would like to leave Autodesk products.
This also means,l that after finishing the project (now it is a beta)  Blender will have at least one industrial-grade renderer for archviz).
Well, you maybe say that there are Yafaray, Cycles, Luxrender, etc already.
They are there on my system, too.
And no doubt, they could offer great quality.
But they all fail on speed or on missing/not implemented/half-done features.
Now hopefully it is over.

And I have one even better news for people who would like to migrate from Max:

Vray Standalone costs 350 EUR + 30 EUR for the dongle, compared to Vray for Max what costs 970 EUR.
Isn’t it a great deal?;)

Give it a try here:  http://vray.cgdo.ru/download.html
If you like it, support Andrei with some donations!


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