10 reasons why NOT to use Blender for paid architectural visualisation – 2/10.

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Before starting a debate, first read this and this.

Array-dupliframe-whatever – meet a weird and unefficient method for multiplying objects

Yeah, I know it could sound terrible for hardcore Blender users (sorry, guys), but I spent half of my day with guessing how can I make something really simple.
So I think it worth to be among the TOP10 of the things in the ‘Why not Blender…’ section; it is simple crazy.
Max guys: you will hate it:)
I hate it.
Fortunately it is not so huge efficiency loss compared to the former post (about the missing 2D shapes/drawing tools), so don’t give up; it could be done.
So, what are we talking about?

In archviz generally there are 2 types of duplicating/arraying we use very often (not counting when we are making a single copy):

– straight or radial arrays (for columns, trees, etc. in 2D or 3D)
– arrays on a curve/arc (for lights on a curved ceiling, lamps following a road, etc.)

3DS Max offers tools for both. And the important part is that these tools work on ALL kind of objects you create in Max (shapes, lights, meshes, groups, etc.)
I realized that now I don’t have time for recording videos, so I link what I find.
In some cases they will be not perfect (optimal), but I think they are usable for understanding the differences.

1. Array tool
This is the ‘big boy’ of the array toolset; you can do almost every radial or straight array with this. The video I found doesn’t cover all possibilities.

2. Duplicating with SHIFT+ Move
This is the most simple solution: select the object, press SHIFT and move it. When you release the mouse, a pop-up window asks you how many copy you need. Works like charm, I use it a lot for simple arrays.
Actually I use this for most of the tasks.

3. Spacing tool
It is for special purposes, for example making an array what follows a curve. Simple, intuitive, efficient. Starts at 2:02 in the video.

And lets take a look on Blender tools:

1. Array modifier
In theory it is the same as the ‘Array tool’ in Max, but with a HUGE drawback: it doesn’t work on groups or lights. What a pity, if you make a lamp with a light and you cannot use this tool.

2. Dupliframes/Dupliverts/Dupliwhatevers – how to make a simple thing overcomplicated.
This is the part where I have to admit that I’m not biased in this point. This tool is not intuitive and made me upset. I checked some tutorials; the makers simple missed some important info (for them – as they were HC users – things were obvious).
For me: not.
For now I can use the tool, but it is so difficult, so unefficient compared to the Spacing tool in Max… It must be improved.

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10 reasons why NOT to use Blender for paid architectural visualisation – 1/10.


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