Some thoughts…

This is my 3rd week with Blender. During this time I read incredible amount of forum posts, debates; I watched tons of tutorials.
For now I’m better in polygonal modeling in Blender that in Max (not so ‘huge’ result, I use poly modeling just for specific tasks in my workflow).
Today I set up my Max shortcuts according to Blender shortcuts, where it was possible.
It is simple waste of time and energy to change my mind all the times when I open another application. Maybe it will make me faster.
I’m really curious…

I had to realize some things: people on the forums mostly has no real knowledge when comparing Blender to  Max and vice versa.
They are acting like ‘fanboys’, with very limited knowledge about the other app.
I had to realize that people who make Max tutorials sometimes are completely wrong related to special workflows.
I had to realize that even a wonderful artist like the Blenderguru Andrew Price has no idea sometimes why Blender does what it does (like it happened with UVW unwrapping).
(By the way, for now I can identify his tutorials by the expressions like ‘First things first’ and by the number of words like  ‘cool’ and ‘awesome’:)))  I like his tutorials, he is quite good in what he does.)

I had to realize that I like Max less after this 3 weeks. I think I already mentioned that I’m not a Max fan. Nor a Blender fan either, I have to say.
I see extremly high potential in Blender, but there are some things I cannot afford.
It simple cannot handle high polygon numbers. With the same polygon number Max has a far superior speed. I think it is at least partially related to the speed difference between OpenGL and DirectX.
Arraying in Blender is a complete mess. I tried to array some lamps, groups … didn’t work.
Workarounds. Again and again. I hate it.

If I should judge now: Max is for people who work and think in architectural scenes, Blender is for people who think in general polygon modeling.
I envy the excellent modeling speed from Blender, even if ‘dedicated’ architectural modeling is far faster in Max.
I think when I finish this ‘10 things why not to use Blender for…‘ stuff, I just have to wait until the developers solve these problems.
I hope they will.
Then I will be able to switch. I got tired how Autodesk handles customers or ‘development’…
I also guessed that I will make some articles related to workflows; even some economical stuff related to usage OSS vs commercial stuff.


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