Beginner corner – I would like to make CGI, what do you recommend?

OK, if you just would like to make crappy FX-movies like Transformers or stupid games like Crysis, here is my quick and completely honest answer: reconsider it!

You could do a lot of more useful things.
You could be a teacher, a doctor, a policeman, a fireman, a researcher, a scientist and the list goes on.
These are more important jobs, if you think globally.

OK, maybe you feel some disturbance in the Force right now…
You are right.

As a rational human being you have to have the skills to be able to change the coordinate systems you use for measuring ‘values’ in your life, your environment, in the world we live in.
For example I’m sure you appreciate the well-being of your beloved people more than a new rendering engine or a cellphone, am I right?

So yes, there is a disturbance in the Force, but it is NOT because of the words I wrote related to our profession; it is because of our economy system what underestimates the importance of ‘real’ jobs.
Keep in mind: a plastic surgeon who implants artificial stuff into the breasts of a healthy women usually earns more money than the one who saves your life after a car accident in the government hospital.

I’m not talking about giving up this profession, if it is your desire. Just suggest to be biased.
I’m talking about making it more useful, at least with some volunteering, if you can.
If you are an archviz guy, you can make visualisations for NGOs in your spare time for free. They cannot afford the cost in many cases. I did it in Africa, it was a fantastic experiment.
If you are a VR expert, you can work on teaching projects.
If you are a game developer, you can make games what teach more for the children than nobody is bulletproof.
And so on.

If you come to this industry, never forget: you can make big money, but money is just one part of the story. How ‘useful’ human being you are: that is the other part.

Let’s talk about some other facts you should know before you dedicate your life to this profession:

Most of the visualisation jobs for now became ‘how to create marketing content what sells the building’ instead of identifying weak spots in the design, at least if we talk about architectural visualisation.
If you would like to make something useful in this industry instead of our ‘daily lies – (a new article/category is coming soon)‘, try to go for virtual reality applications; in that area you can find less marketing and more real value.

– Visualisation  is an IT profession, which means that the most of the knowledge you own today will not worth a single cent in a few years.
If you choose this and want to be good, you have to learn every single day and you have to accept it. Furthermore, your partner, your family have to accept it, too.

– You will sit behind the computer too much and that is definitely not healthy. If you don’t like sports as a spare time activity, don’t choose a profession like this.

– You will be under heavy stress a lot. If you cannot handle stress, do something else.

The stress will come for various resources:

1. It will come from poorly programmed applications, poorly manufactured hardware. For now almost everything is in a permanent  ‘beta’ state.
Your apps, your phone, your computer… slowly even human relations either.

2. It will come from crazy deadlines. First it will be your fault, because it needs time to estimate the size of a job. The good news is that you will get over this after a few years.

3. It will come from the crazy deadlines. No, it is not the same I wrote earlier. It will come from the client (who will forget something), from the agency (who will forget something) or from your boss (who will forget something, too).

The funny thing is that in this profession you always make the job done.
But your family is not like your clients or boss: they will not forget the promises you broke or the changed family schedules because someone else made a mistake and it affected their life through you.

So, if you think that you can handle all of these things well, then welcome on board!


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