About this blog

This is my favorite question since my childhood.
So, the question is why to start another blog about 3D technology?

My first answer: I would like to show technology from another point of view; not just focusing on tutorials and tips, apps and workflows.
Technology will be just one part of the story on this blog. The way we use it will be the other: the more important part, if we think globally.

My second answer is related to my life: in the last few years instead of 3D related tasks I focused on volunteering in Europe and Africa.
I tried to solve more important tasks than ’how to work out a pipeline for a studio to earn more money with less work’. I also started to write a book related to our daily mistakes as a society, as a human being and so on. The funny thing is – I’m ironic of course – that in all the projects I had the chance to have an ’insider’ view at least partially I found the same weaknesses I had to face in my jobs before: the lack of common sense, the wasting of resources and the lack of proper planning. In Africa it got worse.*

Anyways, I learned a lot and made tons of improvements in the areas I had the opportunity. I will write about this later, too. So, after I came back to Europe I decided to use my free time (until I can join to a good team to work) for learning and and working on some ideas to use my experiences for others – both in my profession and volunteer tasks.

I hope you will like it. If not, I’m happy to know: Why?;)


* It doesn’t mean that it was not a successful mission in general; it means that I had to fight more for obvious things (like forcing future employees to use plastic gloves when dealing with blood in a country where the 20-30% of the population is HIV positive) and often the ‘pride’ won over common sense in cases like this.


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